The "Big Red Car"' is the main method of transportation by The Wiggles. It is driven by Greg, in the

Big Red Car


Jeff (1995-1997)
Greg (1991-2006, 2012-2013)
Sam (2006-2012)
Emma (2013-present)

Vehicle type


Rides on


recent videos. Jeff drove the first Big Red Car. In the 2003 theatrical feature The Wiggles' Adventure, Anthony drove the Big Red Car.

So far, it have been in over 27 videos.


When it first appeared in the beginning of 1995 video of the same name, the Big Red Car was merely a cardboard cutout driven by Jeff. In , it evolved into a full size electric golf-buggy type model, now driven by Greg since 1997. In 1998 further design changes are seen and the car is now in its contemporary form.