Funny Greg is the 1st episode filmed. It was filmed during "The Wiggles Movie".

Funny Greg






Dorothy's Birthday Party (Short Story)


Muscleman Murray

Plot Edit

Sitcom intro

"Hot Potato" – concert version

Kids lie down and take a nap. The butterfly song plays.

The doctor diagnoses that Greg has lost his sense of humor. The Wiggles try a bunch of different ideas to try to make him laugh. They start with making funny faces, and tickling. Then they try a show act where they wear hats and tell riddle jokes. Nothing's working. The Wiggles try smiling big, hoping that will transfer over to Greg. More jokes continue, but no use. Then Dorothy arrives and does the tapping on the shoulder trick behind the Wiggles. Greg bursts into laughter and is cured!

"Baby Baluga" – concert version

Henry the Octopus decides to talk in rhymes all day with his underwater friends.

Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog are hanging out at the beach. Captain wants to rest on his beach chair but Wags keeps interrupting. Captain tells Wags to go play in the water, and some water splashes on the Captain. Wags comes back and tries to tell Captain something but Captain ignores Wags. Then a big wave splashes on the Captain and he's all wet. This happens a few times that Captain gives up and enjoys getting splashed.

"Ooh, It's Captain Feathersword" – concert

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