"Henry the Octopus" is born on December 20, 1991 and is a fun-loving octopus who likes to make music and dance like an octopus.

He is blue and purple with 8 tentacles. He wears a Scottish tartan, a boater hat, a black bow tie and even black polished shoes on the end of every tentacle. He has a son named Henry Jr.

He is the leader of the Underwater Big Band, and likes to sing and to break-dance with his eight legs. He is said to have a bubbly personality and loves a good joke!

According to Anthony Field in Everybody Clap! Everybody Sing!, Henry was named after the drummer from The Cockroaches, Tony Henry. And according to Jeff Fatt, an octopus with 8 tentacles would play the drums.

He was introduced in 1992 for appearing on the song Henry the Octopus from Here Comes A Song.


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