This is a scene where Jeff and Dorothy show their presents.

Plot Edit

Jeff is sleeping on his pillow while Dorothy wakes him up. Jeff tells Dorothy that he got a new pillow for Christmas. Dorothy says that she got a teddy bear and named it Rosie. Dorothy says that Rosie is tired, so she gives her to Jeff and he puts her on his pillow and grabs a blanket out of his pocket and tucks her in. Dorothy says "Good Night, Rosie".

Transcript Edit

Dorothy: (to camera while Jeff is sleeping) Why don't we all wake Jeff up together? Ready? 1, 2, 3. WAKE UP, JEFF!

Jeff: (waking up while blubbering) Merry Christmas, Dorothy and thanks for waking me up. I got a new pillow for Christmas so I can use my head to sleep on it.

Dorothy: Oh, Jeff!

Jeff: And what did you get, Dorothy? A bouquet of roses?

Dorothy: Better than that, Jeff. (holding up something with her left hand) Ta-da!

Jeff: It's a teddy bear.

Dorothy: That's right, Jeff. I got a teddy bear for Christmas.

Jeff: What's your teddy bear's name, Dorothy? Jeffrey? I mean, he's named after me.

Dorothy: I named my teddy bear Rosie. You see, Rosie is tired. Why don't you hold her by using your pillow? (giving Rosie to Jeff)

Jeff: Great idea, Dorothy. We'll also need this. (grabbing blanket out from his pocket) It's called a blanket so we can tuck Rosie in.

Dorothy: Great idea, Jeff.

Jeff: (tucking Rosie in with blanket and his pillow) Voila.

Dorothy: Good night, Rosie.

Jeff: (to camera) Merry Christmas, everyone. (giving thumbs up with Dorothy)

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