A shocking surprise when this spontaneous friend emerges for the first and only time.

Kim, the Koala was a rather shy friend of the Wiggles, who came with them to ABC For Kids: Live In Concert, where they performed alongside their contemporaries, Mic Conway, Gillian Eastoe, Mike Jackson and Ian Blake. At the conclusion of the gig, they all united for one last musical romp before parting ways, as the Wiggles would branch off into an independent venture, dwarfing the others on a grand scale in terms of popularity and success. Kim only came out for the Wiggle Time number at the climax of the video with her name not listed in the ensueing credits, her spontaneous arrival and general insignificance is a real mystery, as the revelance of her character has never been made clear, she only appeared once for a single song, and never again, not with the Wiggles, nor with any other artist, a complete random, her actress is also unknown. This can contributed to the fact that she was either very shy or tired, or that not all of the footage from the concert was released to VHS, causing her performances and the obscure participation of an incognito Terry Murray to become lost to time.

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