Run Around Like Dorothy is a non-album Wiggles song from Wiggledance! Live in Concert while leading to Dorothy the Dinosaur.

Prologue Edit

Murray: Well everyone, I was just wondering. Do you know our good friend, Dorothy the Dinosaur?

(The audience cheer.)

Murray: You do? I thought you might. Well, you probably know that she's a big green dinosaur and she loves to eat roses, but did you know that she loves to run around like this? (flails arms up and down while running in place to the beat of Jeff's keyboard sound.)

Greg: H-h-h-h-hey! I like that Murray. Uh, can I try that?

Murray: H-hey, Greg, you can try it. (Greg starts dancing like Murray.)

Anthony: Can I try that too, Murray?

Murray: Oh, Anthony. Why don't you try it? (to audience) Why don't we all try it? Let's all stand up and run around like Dorothy.

Lyrics Edit

Wiggles: (singing) It's fun, it's fun, to run like Dorothy. It's fun, it's fun toooo..r-run like Dorothy. Hey! (Audience applauds.)

Epilogue Edit

Murray: Oh! I almost forgot, I was going to tell you how we first met Dorothy the Dinosaur. Well, why don't we tell you in a song? Let's sing a song all about Dorothy the Dinosaur. (Song begins)

Anthony: Here's a story of a not-so-scary dinosaur named Dorothy. And guess what? Heeeeeeere's Dorothy! (Audience cheers as Dorothy the Dinosaur arrives.)

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