Toot Toot! is a Wiggles video about the Big Red Car and how it broke down. The Australian version of this video includes "Numbers Rhumba" and "Teddy Bear Hug" while the US and African versions replace them with "Wigglemix" and "Wave the Wiggly Flags (Wiggle Puppets)".


After one ride in The Wiggles' Big Red Car, you'll be giggling and wiggling nonstop. "Toot Toot" & "Chugga Chugga" along with Australian's hottest children's band as they sing and dance their way from space trips and pirate ships. Join Jeff, Greg, Murray and Anthony, as well as Wags the Dog, Fireman Beaples, Zardo Zap, and many more for a ride that you'll never forget.

Song ListEdit

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