Sailing Around the World is a 2005 Wiggles video.


1. Vegetable Soup (Wiggly Animation) 2. Sydney Barcarolle 3. Goldfish 4. Here Comes a Chicken (Wiggly Animation) 5. London Town 6. Agapame Tin Athena 7. The Captain's Wavy Walk 8. Sailing Around the World (Wiggly Animation) 9. Sicily (I Wanna Go) 8. Mop Mop 9. Elbow to Elbow 10. San Francisco Trolley Car 11. Here we go Mexico City 12. Root Beer Polka 13. Here come the Wiggles (Wiggly Animation)


  • The live action version of Sailing Around the World were filmed but they were removed & replaced with Wiggly Animation version of "Sailing Around the World"
  • The deleted songs were replaced with Wiggly Animation clips.
  • In Wiggly Animation version of "Sailing Around the World", Anthony was next to Jeff when Anthony said "On the Goodship Feathersword" but the 2 parts of the crew was shown moving theirselves.
  • Wiggly Animation clips are shown.

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